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Slaínte to 9 Native Irish Dog Breeds

On the Irish holiday of St. Patrick’s Day, it’s only proper to celebrate the dogs of the Emerald Aisle. The Irish are mad for their canines; not only does modern Ireland have one of the highest rates of dog ownership in all of Europe, it also has some of the oldest records of standardized dog breeding in the world.
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My Irish Setter, Saluki

By Cesar Millan

On St. Patrick’s Day, I often think back to my very first purebred dog, Saluki.  She was an Irish Setter I raised when I was a boy back in Mexico.

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St. Patrick Was a Dog Whisperer Too

By Patrick Burns & Melissa Jo Peltier

In the month of March, people of all ethnic backgrounds traditionally wear green and hoist a glass of beer to honor the Irish St. Patrick. Few of them know that the good Saint’s background includes his affinity for and expertise with dogs.

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