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We’re Back!

Welcome to the new internet home of the award-winning, Emmy-nominated Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan TV show.   With our series airing in over 50 countries around the world as well as every Saturday morning on the CW, friends and fans have asked us for a place to gather, talk about the show, and share their stories and knowledge. As Dog Whisperer show producers we will share some fun and interesting behind the scene stories.

Coming soon, we’ll have news and alerts about exciting new Dog Whisperer events, as well as Cesar’s books, shows, and a page for downloading episodes.

This month, we celebrate Valentine’s Day with some fun submissions of dogs in the spirit of the holiday, as well as Dog Whisperer producers’ love stories about their own special dogs. Next month, we’re inviting fans to send us pictures of their dogs themed for the green of St Patrick’s Day. Let us know the unique story of you and your dog. If there’s one thing working on Dog Whisperer has taught us, it’s that every story between a dog and its human is a very special love story.

So glad you’re here…and hoping you’ll come back to follow us and offer suggestions as we grow together over the next few months.

– Cesar Millan & The Dog Whisperer Team

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