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Dogs Crave Direction

By Cheri Lucas

Raising a child is all about giving direction. We tell our children to do the right thing, treat people well and work hard. But imagine a scenario where a child doesn’t receive good parenting. Read More

Saving the Pets of the California Wildfires

By Kelly Gorman Dunbar

When catastrophic fires strike, we automatically think about decimated forests, razed homes, and citizens fleeing with just the clothes on their backs. But what about the animals?
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The Wild Dog That Wasn’t

By Kelly Gorman Dunbar

A few months ago, as I was perusing Facebook, I realized I’d been tagged in a post from a local humane society. A click took me to a photo of a creature that looked like the love child of a werewolf and The Swamp Thing.

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Read about some of the things that members of our pack have done to create healthy, balanced relationships with their dogs.

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